Sovi Universe is a unique project! BlockChain, NFT, 3D MMORPG, Play To Earn on Binance Smart Chain game.

How to decide, what is it?** First of all, for ordinary players, this is a 3D MMORPG. A massive online game based on the genre of role-playing games. I think everyone knows what World of Warcraft is — one of the mmorpg mastadants in the game world.

In Souni, as in most MMORPGs, there will be two game modes:

PvE (Player vs. Environment) — tasks that the game gives you according to the main plot, for which players will receive various in-game rewards.

In this game, it will be implemented using the standard Raid Loot mechanics. In short, a team is created to raid a round / location / dungeon and during the passage you are given various loot, and at the end there will be a boss with more valuable loot.

There will be some other world boss with whom all online users of the game will fight, for defeating him they will distribute rewards (including rare NFT) according to their contribution and luck. It sounds interesting how the developers will solve the problem of heroes of the support class and count their contribution to the battle.

What about rare NFTs? After the death of the boss, a network auction will be held, where each participant will be able to bid on the purchase of a rare NFT along the chain on the Souni open market.

PvP (Player vs. Player) — battles between players in various PvP arenas. The following modes: Arena

Guild War World Boss Occupied Island

NFT and in-game currency will be given for winning battles

Description of the game: I think everyone is already tired of mechanics, combat systems and so on. Let’s move on to the filling itself There will be 5 professions in the game — knight, priest, mage, Lucifer, Shooter. A classic set of MMORPG games, each character helps and complements the other, thereby you can create different strategies, types of assemblies and strategies More than 200 characters. 6 qualities 5 attributes

New characters every season. Which are NFT and can be bought and sold on the market.

There will be a lot of equipment, of various types from helmet to boots and of various quality from common to myth. Each item represents a unique NFT and can be traded on the market. The quality of the item can be improved with the help of in-game items and in-game currency $SRC tied to a stable coin.

Skins will be made for the characters in the form of cool costumes, each costume represents an NFT that promotes certain attributes and can be traded on the game’s trading platform.

The roadmap — shows a clear understanding of the direction of the game, each step of development looks realistic and everything competently follows each other compared to other projects. The most important thing for players is that the beta launch of the game will be soon — in February of this year. After that, everything that we said earlier will already be launched: PvP, leagues, costumes, monsters, and so on.

The CEO is Matthew Nguyen.** He has been working in the cryptocurrency market for more than 4 years, attended government seminars, supported the development of a zero-level blockchain, cross-chain and various projects. Specializes just in the MMORPG genre

Technical Director — Ben Nguyen. More than 12 years of experience in the field of technology leadership, architecture and design. He held senior positions in the regional teams of Hong Kong, China and Vietnam.

Marketing Director — Bom. More than 6 years of work in the field of marketing and business development in the blockchain and cryptography industry, helped several Coinmarketcap projects. Currently, he heads a marketing team with international cultures, aimed at the main audience and gaining brand respect around the world.

Director-designer — Dylan Le. More than 5 years of work as a graphic designer and 2 years as an art director. He was involved in creating images for several brands from different fields and defined designs for many applications and websites, especially on blockchain platforms.

If you believe everything I’ve read about them, then the game’s development team is excellent and we can expect a great future for the project.

Do you know how Souni looks like Lego? And there and there, combining shapes, you can create something new. Only in Souni, instead of cubes, there are heroes with their abilities and artifacts. One of the reasons why people play RPG games is the possibility of choice. The ability to choose allows players to create, do something of their own, and not follow a given algorithm. In Souni, the player can choose which heroes to develop, what additional abilities to endow them with by putting special sets of artifacts on them, and create packs of heroes to complete dungeons or arena battles. Each player’s choice affects the effectiveness of his game. Players can come up with non-standard ways to complete levels.

In my opinion, this game is not for those who want to get everything quickly. This is a measured and consistent game with a development of at least a few months. Without haste, without mistakes, with a clear understanding of what you want to get and who to download, with the accumulation of resources for the right tournaments and promotions, with the right approach to crafting, set bonuses and heroes in the team.

Everything here consists of a smart approach to the game. And believe me, with or without a donation, the one who decided that here, well, you need to understand nothing, will achieve nothing, and therefore will scribble angry comments. In the overwhelming case, the authors of such comments simply did not understand the game, which is much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

The developers carefully supervised the entire project, from the NFT to the flow of the tokens themselves. It is clear that the project team gathered for a reason, but to conquer the MMORPG world of crypto games. I already really want to go to the world boss, see what kind of island and how well the balance will be made, because it depends on how many players will stay in the game. We are waiting for the first battles in the beta test!)



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